Contract Negotiation in Madden 17 (is stupid and I hate it)

I wanted to find out if the same salary/bonus bug exists in Madden 17 that has plagued previous Madden. Essentially, if you offered a big enough bonus, it didn't matter how much salary they got. This allowed you to sign players for way less than their asking price. (Read more about it here.)

The good news: The bug does not exist any more. Having a bigger bonus still helps, but you won't get an automatic "yes" just because you give them guaranteed cash.

The bad news: It turns out you can't trust any of the feedback the players give you after you send an offer.

When you submit an offer, the player either responds positively ("Gee golly willikers, I can't believe a team like you would give a guy like me money. Can't wait to play!") or negatively ("The salary is bad, the bonus is bad, and you are probably bad in bed.") Sometimes it's hard not to take these things personal.

A normal person would think: "This guy said he didn't like the bonus. Maybe if I increase the bonus, he will like it more." Sad little normal person. You have obviously never played an EA game before.

Wendell Smallwood really likes the salary that I offered him, but he wishes he could say the same bout the bonus or the duration. So what was the amazing salary that was paired with the bad bonus and length?

Maybe Wendell is just a fickle scrub. Let's send an offer to the best defensive player in the league.

Fletcher is pretty disgruntled. He didn't like the salary. He didn't like the bonus. He didn't like the length. There was nothing good about this offer!

20 million is the most salary you can offer a player in the game! Come on, Fletch!

All right, fine. Let's see what Josh Huff has to say about the offer we sent.

Hey, wait a minute. I've heard this before. That's Wendell's line! Let's see what the offer was. 

The salary is the worst part of this offer, you sack of crap! I'm giving you $47 million guaranteed and the exact number of years you asked for!

Since Josh Huff was inexplicably 99 OVR in this league and since this was just my first offer, I figured I'd throw him a bone and up the bonus to a cool $50 million...

It's such a relief when you lock down your franchise player for a long...wait, what's that? He didn't accept?? Well, what did he say?

Go fuck yourself, Josh Huff.

Dan Chancellor

Orlando, Florida

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