Blocking Your Own Punt

I was playing a random scrimmage the other day. My opponent backed me up to my own 1-yard line, and I was facing 4th and 23. Despite what most guys playing online head to head games would likely advise, I called Punt rather than Four Verticals. 

That's when this happened:

Stupid #45 shimmies his fat ass right in front of me and blocks my punt with the back of his head. Yes, that would be a safety. Two points for the other team. 

A couple of thoughts came to me after I stopped crying: 

  1. WTF
  2. Is it wrong to wish death upon a digital being (and what does that wish say about me)?
  3. My opponent wasn't even trying to block my punt. He was calling a regular defense because he was so paranoid about me using one of Madden 17's new OP fake punt plays.

Seeing as I only had 10 hours of EA Access at my disposal, I knew I needed to spend them wisely. Which is why I went into practice mode and spent 30 minutes trying to recreate the self-blocked punt. I have always struggled with time management. 

Here was the eventual final result:

One minute of be blocking my own punts:

About half of the video is from the 1-yard line. The other half is from the 5-yard line. These are all different punts, as you can tell by how incredibly inconsistent I am with the new kick meter.

Here is what I learned about this glitch:

  • It only works from within your own 5-yard line. Naturally, if your punter has more room, your blocker can move wherever the hell he wants without blowing up your play.
  • It doesn't work if you aim your punt to the side. This one makes sense. If you point your arrow toward the sideline and away from dummy blocker, you can avoid the self-block.
  • It only works if the defense calls a Cover 3 formation out of 4-3. It doesn't work with Cover 2 or man or punt block or even Cover 3 out of other formations like Nickel. If that blocker has someone to block (or his spidey sense goes off that maybe someone is thinking about trying to engage with him), he stays put and doesn't ruin everything. If you give him nothing to do and let him think for himself, like apparently happens with Cover 3 out of 4-3, he gets happy feet. 
  • It only works with right-footed punters. I initially couldn't recreate the block at all, and I was getting very frustrated because I already had my pitchfork out and was annoyed at the thought of putting it away without poking someone. The blocker was sliding over stupidly just like in the original play, but the ball was narrowly avoiding him. That's when I realized: Hey, some punters had bad pee wee coaches and stupidly kick things with their left feet. I flipped sides, only to find my opponent had a left-footed punter too. (Side note: What the hell.) When I picked a team that had a normal human punter who kicked with the correct foot, the blocks started flowing.

In conclusion:

There is obviously a bug in here somewhere though I obviously wouldn't call it game-breaking since even if your opponent calls 4-3 Cover 3 when you are punting from your own 2-yard line, you can just angle your kick little bit to avoid getting blocked. 

BUT...if you are in a close game AND have your opponent backed up to within his own 5-yard line AND he has to punt AND you call Cover 3 out of a 4-3 AND your opponent punts it straight ahead AND he punts it with his right oh man will that safety be ever so sweet.

You're welcome for the free two points. 

P.S. If any Madden 17 e-book authors want to include this money play in their next edition, I accept personal checks and bitcoin. 

Dan Chancellor

Orlando, Florida

I created Deep Dive Gaming as an excuse to post more charts about the games I love to play. I live in Florida with my wife, son, and a random assortment of cats.