Life is Miserable Without the CFM Website

CFM Website

Two years ago, EA released a godsend to the CFM community: A website. Not just any website, mind you...this website magically linked to your online Connected Franchise league and showed you schedules and stats and standings and let you advance the league and everything. It was game changing. It was league changing. Some say life changing. (Fine, nobody said life changing, but it was a big deal, okay?)

For Madden 17, EA killed the website for reasons they have yet to make public. There have been promises of a mobile app that will do what the website did and oh so much more, but it's been over two months since the game launched without even a peep about the app. The last official statement is from August 23:

"Early on during our development cycle, the team decided that we would shift our focus from maintaining and supporting the Franchise Mode website in favor of developing a Native Mobile Companion App. At launch of Madden NFL 17, there will not be a Franchise Mode website for you to go to and interact with your league. As for a potential Companion App – we are still exploring the possibilities and will be quick to update you as and when information becomes available."

Through its connection to DaddyLeagues, the functionality of EA's CFM website has been the lifeblood of online leagues. Without it, leagues are dying. The ones still going are suffering. 

Commissioners need this app to advance each week, set coaches on auto, and keep tabs on their league. Coaches need this app to check standings, look up stats, and stay engaged in their league. 

Life is miserable with a CFM website. When I want to know how many interceptions I've thrown this season, I have to boot up my Xbox like a freaking cave man. (In case you were wondering, it's 13 picks through 5 games. Yes, I am bad at the game.)

EA, please launch the app soon (or at least give us an update so we can stop spamming message boards with pathetic posts like this one).

Dan Chancellor

Orlando, Florida

I created Deep Dive Gaming as an excuse to post more charts about the games I love to play. I live in Florida with my wife, son, and a random assortment of cats.