It takes over an hour to edit a player's contract in Madden 17

Madden 17 introduced a cool new feature for lovers of Connected Franchise Mode: The ability to edit a player's contract. This is helpful for commissioners who want to reset crappy contracts  after coaches quit or for cheaters who want an easy way around the salary cap. There is only one tiny problem with this new feature: It's awful.

Last year in Madden 16 when you wanted to bid on a player in free agency, you could quickly and easily update your offer by simply changing the amount of each digit. 

The free agency bidding interface from Madden 16

The free agency bidding interface from Madden 16

This interface was common sense and a welcome addition to Madden. A couple of clicks, and you could offer as much as your heart desired, even if you were bidding on Cody Parkey. In fact, you could change your offer from $0 to $999.99 million in just about 5 seconds.

EA decided to kick this logical and easy-to-use interface to the curb when they introduced contract editing in Madden 17. No more single digit updating. The only way to change the salary is by scrolling oh so slowly to the right $10,000 at a time. 

The new and improved editing interface in Madden 17

The new and improved editing interface in Madden 17

At no point does the meter speed up (even if you strap a rubber band to your controller). You can't go left from zero to jump to a higher amount. You just have to accept your fate and put some thimbles on your thumbs and jam the joystick to the right. 

If you can jump a billion dollars in Madden 16 in just a few seconds, how long do you think it would take to max out a contract using Madden 17's system? I tried to find out. A video record of my wasted life is below.

In case you didn't last all 49 minutes, here's the summary: I spent 47 minutes increasing the guy's contract and made it to just above $133 million before EA booted me from the game. You can jump right to the good part here.

Here is the error message I got:

Madden 17 Inactivity Error

I was disconnected from the league due to inactivity despite the fact that I was A) editing a player's contract the entire time and B) twirling him delightfully every couple of minutes to prevent my controller from shutting off.

Naturally, when I reloaded the CFM, none of the progress I made saved, so the time I spent editing the contract was (even more of) a waste. 

Why did EA get rid of the single digit editing interface? Why is this new process so painstakingly terrible and slow? Why kick me out of the league for inactivity (without saving my progress) when I am actively doing things in the league? 

I'm afraid I will never know the answers to these questions just like I will never know how long it really takes to max out a contract in Madden 17 since there is no way in hell I am going through that again.

Dan Chancellor

Orlando, Florida

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